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Click here to see the 444.275-Repeater Install Photos-

repeater was placed on the air at it's current site-in early 2003

by W4RDF


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Live Map-showing current Richmond Metro Area APRS activity


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Click Here for location of KG4YJB if I have software running 



The 444.275 Repeater has many Linking Capabilities:

Echolink Commands:
# & 88 for a list of all commands
Use DTMF to enter the # & Node number to connect & # & 73 to disconnect
444.275 has access to IRLP Node 4055-but is not on fulltime
please contact control op for assistance- accessing IRLP

Click here for current Status of node

Current Live Reflector Status with Va Node Activity


Current Live Virginia Node Activity

RF Linking

The 444.275 Repeater also has VHF remote base capability

Frequencies in the area that can be linked to via RF

146.520-National Simplex 147.360-KA4CBB-Chesterfield
145.430-W4SQT-Richmond 146.715-W4TTL-Walkerton
146.760-KB4ZIN-Williamsburg 145.370-W4HZL-Gloucester
147.195-WT4RA-Smithfield 145.490-WA4OHX-Hampton
147.330-KI4ZR-Lexington 145.470-N4ZCM-South Hill
147.075-W4PNT-Waynesboro 145.390-KE4EUE-Colonial Heights
147.135-KC4VDZ-Richmond 147.165-W4CM-Newport News
146.625-N4LLE-Jarratt,Va 145.310- KD4KWP-Chesterfield

145.130-WB4YNF-Ahoskie N.C

146.745- N4WFU-Roanoke Rapids NC


147.270-WB4IKL-Goochland 147.000-KB2AHZ-Chase City


  147.270- WT4FP-Franklin PD ARC

please contact control op to use remote base,


Vo-IP modes will be turned off while connected
Notes about Linking capabilities
The Repeater is not running a EchoIRLP station at this time,
these are two separate systems
Both VO-IP Systems use remote radios that are frequency agile,
meaning both Echolink Node 93516 and I.R.L.P Node 4055
can be moved to any VHF or UHF Frequency (in the amateur band) if needed
Currently the 93516 Echolink Node resides fulltime on the KG4YJB-444.275 Repeater

SERA Frequency Utilization Plans for each Band

Local & Surrounding Richmond, Va Area Repeater Listing-
List was created from several different resources, but edited on the bases
of listening to the actual repeaters.
Listing is probably the most accurate and up to date for the
Richmond & Surrounding Areas you will find
This list gets updated often , so check back soon
Click on any frequency in
blue to see approximate location & coverage details
information is on another website.....will open in new window.
Orange Frequency's indicates believed to be off the air at this time


All repeaters listed are considered open use



Here's a link to Southeastern Virginia Repeater Listing, updated often

  Here's a link to great North Carolina Repeater Listing if Needed

Here's a link to Southwestern Virginia Repeater Listing


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